Leather & Lace Nail Art – DIY

Lace is widely used in fashion items, one of the most attractive and seductive materials when it comes to dresses. It can also be used on nails and today you will find out how. This nail tutorial is gorgeous and will make you look fabulous at any event you are attending. It is not hard to make, and requires just a few things so it can be done.

What you will need:

– thin white lace;
– black nail polish;
– scissors;
– top coat (optional).


1. Paint your nails in black and let them dry.

2. Cut out 10 pieces of lace from the fabric and be careful when it comes to the size so they can fit each and every nail, you don’t want them bigger than they should be because they won’t fit the nail and it will be extremely hard to cut them.

3. Add another layer of black nail polish to your nails by doing the following: add nail polish to one nail, then quickly add the lace over it, take another nail, polish again and lace over again. Repeat for each and every nail one by one. If you add the polish to all of your nails first, until you get to put the lace on each one, the polish will almost dry so this is why you have to do it one by one.

4. Let the nails dry very well and if you feel more secure add a layer of top coat to your nails, but this is an optional step.

Leather & Lace Nail Art - DIY

Photo courtesy: makeup.

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