Latest Hair Trend You Have to Try: Hair Tapestries

Everything started when One Direction’s hair stylist, Lou Teasdale uploaded a photo on the internet with her hair (you can see her in the pictures below, with blonde hair). Since then, girls went crazy and the internet became full of pictures with different tapestry styles made on hair. People with a free spirit and love of open air festivals adopted this quickly and now you can get them in different models, flowers, hearts and all kinds of colorful combinations. We will show you today a simple model of hair tapestry you can easily try to make on a friends hair or why not, if you have long hair and you can, on yourself. Because it is starting to become more and more popular, this hair trend can be found in salons to, hair stylists are starting to make it on request. So, let’s find out an easy way on how you can bring hair tapestries on your hair.

Latest Hair Trend You Have to Try: Hair Tapestries

What you will need:
– round tapestry loom, to hold the hair;
– flat blunt needle;
– embroidery thread in colors you like (at least 2 different ones);
– scissors (to cut the thread).

1. Take the tapestry loom and gather a section of your hair in it (the one you want the model to be on);
2. Separate small sections of hair from the one selected before and take the needle and put the embroidery thread in it to prepare making the model.
3. Start to weave backwards and forwards to choose the length you like and start making the model as you can see in the pictures, change the thread as needed.
4. Weave the last line to the back of the hair and secure it there with a knot.
5. Not you can gather your entire hair in a messy ponytail or just leave it like that, both ways will look great!

Latest Hair Trend You Have to Try: Hair Tapestries

Photo courtesy: stylenoted.

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