Ooh La Lace – DIY Stylish Skirt to Hit The Town!

Catch the runway shows and you are ought to be swept off your feet with this gorgeous new trend, which has been making waves for quite some time now. The ultra-feminine lace, combined with a solid silhouette makes for an edgy and uber-chic statement! And guess what, you don’t need to turn your pockets inside-out to get in line with this style. Layering and decorating even boring outfits with some elegant lace can fetch you the look that’s got that neighborhood hunk swooning! A couple of in-expensive tricks up your sleeve, some imagination and you are on your way to create some great-looking attire! Here’s one way to prep up a simple skirt. Read on!

You will need:
– a monotone skirt, preferably black, to act as your canvas;
– 3 different colored laces (you could add more, but unless you want your skirt from transforming into something right out of a coloring book that got the kids wild, we’d suggest you stick to white, black and one other nice colour);
– board pins;
– a sewing kit.

Let’s begin!
1. Lay the laces separately on a flat surface and cut out about 20-25 pieces of each color.
2. Now lay the skirt on the working table.
3. Make layered sets with the cut-out lace pieces and place the sets at a distance from each other on the surface of the skirt.
4. Pin them up so that they retain their place.
5. Sew these cut-outs onto the skirt and remove the pins (Patience! Your patterned skirt is just about getting ready!
6. Turn the skirt around and work in the same way.
7. That’s it!

Time to pair it with a stunning blouse, some fancy boots or girly ballet flats, and sashay down the street! You’ll tire of the constant adoring gazes!

Ooh La Lace - DIY Stylish Skirt to Hit The Town

Photo courtesy: ps-imadethis.

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