diy lace shorts

Here we present a lovely idea about how to give a chic style to your shorts, using lace. You can follow the steps below and DIY.

You will need:

– shorts (Soffe Shorts);
– a few yards of lace;
– fabric glue or a sewing kit;
– scissors.

How to make it:

1. Take the lace and your shorts.
2. Wrap some of the lace around the top circumference of the shorts to find how much lace you need to wrap around, and cut it.
3. Put glue around the top of the lace only, but little by little as you go around the line. As you do this, press the lace down onto the material.
4. Take the next strip and do again step 2. Be careful to wrap the lace lower than the first strip.
5. Make again the third step, but when you go to place this strip, slide it a little bit under the first strip so that you get a layering result. Keep doing this procedure until the shorts split at the leg holes.
6. When you get towards the bottom where the shorts split, you’ll need to wrap the lace around each leg hole particularly.
7. Finally, hang the shorts up somewhere to dry. Note: You can sew instead of glue. Enjoy!

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