Lace And Pearls Cuff – DIY Tutorial

Cuffs are beautiful accessories women love to wear. There are several tutorials online on how to make them depending the occasion and where you are going to. For today’s diy project we have chosen to show you how to make a beautiful lace and pearls cuff that can be worn on a wedding and brides can wear it too, it is made of lace and pearls, such a sophisticated and elegant combination. Who says you need to spend big money on expensive items? You can make expensive items at home without spending too much. It takes just a little creativity and fun work. Wear this cuff on a wedding of a friend and why not? on your own big day!

What you will need:
– some loose pearls;
– loose gemstones
– a piece of lace (measured to fit your wrist)
– sewing kit: needle and cream thread;
– gemstone glue;
– fastener or clasp (you can use one from a broken bracelet or necklace).

1. Have the lace prepared to the right size and start measuring where you would like to put the pearls on the model, play a little with your imagination.
2. After you decided about the pearls places, pick up a needle and some thread and start sewing them to the lace on the desired spots.
3. After you finished with the pearls, start glueing the gemstones on the lace where you have empty spaces. If you decide to wash the cuff in future it is no problem, the gemstones will stay there.
4. Sew the fastener to the cuff and you have finished it. This is such a beautiful way to make an accessory that is unique and we are sure a lot of people will remember!


Photo courtesy: frenchweddingstyle.

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