Braids are very popular among all women, especially young girls. If you are a mom of a girl or you just have lots of girlfriends who come to you to get their hairstyle done, try and make them this knotted braid. It’s something different, yet interesting and youth looking. Even if it looks complex at the first sight we assure you that it is doable. You will need to spray the hair a little bit with some water to make it easier to work with and you will need a hair comb, some hair clips and a hair elastic to secure everything in the end. See directions, images and video below to find the procedure!

Knotted Braid Hairstyle

1. Take a small section of hair, the same as you would start doing a french braid and split it into two, then make a knot. Leave it like that or secure the strands with some clips.

2. Take another section of hair, do the same procedure and secure. You want to make a knot the third time also and now you should have 3 knots made from different hair sections one under the other, secured with clips.

3. Take another section of hair, split it into two and when you make the knot add to both sides the strands left behind from the first knot.

4. Go further and make another knot by adding to it the strands from the second knot, that now is basically the first, because the first knot you have used for the one before. It is really easier than it seems.

5. Repeat this until you have reached all hair then secure everything with a hair elastic.

6. Loosen the loops if they are too tight, add some hairspray if needed and you are done!

Knotted Braid Hairstyle (2)

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