Jersey Weave Sweatshirt – DIY

Jersey Weave Sweatshirt - DIY

Give a fashionable aspect to your simple jersey sweatshirt making an insertion of fabric strips, inspired by TheForgeStyle.

You will need:
– jersey sweatshirt;
– fabric or an old t-shirt;
– scissors;
rotary cutter;
– fabric marker or chalk.

Directions: Cut a few 4 – 2″ wide strips from the fabric or from the old t-shirt. Easily stretch the strips and they will curl into themselves. Cut off the collar and the cuffs of the sweater. Mark rows of holes with the fabric marker. Cut teeny tiny holes with the rotary cutter and keep them about 1/2″ apart. Start weaving the fabric strips through the holes. When you come to the end of each row let the strip’s extremities inside the sweatshirt. For the next row make the reverse of the upper row when weaving. At final, turn the sweatshirt inside out, tie all the loose ends together and weave them in. Have fun!

Jersey Weave Sweatshirt - DIY (2) Photo courtesy: TheForgeStyle.

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