Jaw Dropping Braid For Fancy And Glamorous Nights

This is definitely a jaw dropping hairstyle any women would love to wear! Because it is quite difficult to make you will have to ask a friend to learn this and do it on your hair because trying to do it by yourself would be a lot of effort. If you don’t want to wear this hairstyle at least learn how to braid it so you can make a friend happy! Extravaganza and glamour would be the best words to describe this almost art like piece.

What you will need:

– a banana sponge;
– lots of bobby pins;
– a few hairbands;
– hairspray.


1. Separate your hair into 3 sections as seen in pictures number 1 and 2. Each section should be secured by some hair clips or hair bands so they don’t mix.

2. Take the banana sponge and see where you will want to place it (between the middle and the back section) then start clipping the hair down with some bobby pins to make sure the hairstyle will hold better.

3. Attach the banana sponge to the hair than start a fishtail braid from the left side of the head using the hair from the middle section and back section.

4. You will do the braid in a way to make sure you it will hide the sponge as you can see in pictures number 10 and 11.

5. Rotate the end of the braid into a bun, but not before loosening the hair a little bit. Use as many bobby pins you think are necessary to hold the hair.

6. Start a normal braid with the hair left in the front then overlap the bun with it.

7. In the end, loosen the braid from the front and add enough hairspray to the hairstyle. Your glamour look is finished!

Jaw Dropping Braid For Fancy And Glamorous Nights

Photo courtesy: pinterest.

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