Jackpot Reclining Chaise in Sage Microfiber Fabric by Catnapper

Jackpot-Reclining-Chaise Projected for relaxation, with durability and style, the Jackpot Reclining Chaise makes the ideal relaxing atmosphere within any house decor. This furniture is upholstered in sage nuance, delicate microfiber material and it features hand reclining system. You have the choice to add a matching power recliner. This piece is the perfect addition to any living room thanks to its form and versatile benefit makes it adjustable to any setting. You can find the Jackpot Reclining Chaise on HomElement or on HomeCinemaCenter. Enjoy!



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  1. I fell the same way as all other posting. I want to buy this chair but if I try to click on the price like some 1 say’s my virece protection by norton will not allow me to do it.. so that tells me some thing is wrong with this web site?? I dont think they should be posting things on the web if you can not find the same 1.. there is one’s that look similer but it is not same chase recliner lounger so what is the deal???????????


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