It’s Not Summer Without Shorts

304790_320761351353060_729371823_n Summer. What comes into your mind when you heard this word, “summer”? A few are quick to show wrinkly faces, a show of irritation and unpleasantness. However, some others’ eyes instinctively shine brighter, almost sparkling in excitement just by hearing these 2 syllables. Which group do you belong to?

Indeed, summer, like winter, can be both loved and hated by many. Although some find great enjoyment in this special season, many are not amused by the prospect of being drenched in sweat under hot weather. Though the temperature of one country and another may vary during summer, we all can agree that the warm temperature can be both appealing and dreadful.

Those who are excited about summer tend to mention that the chance of wearing light clothing, going to the beach, getting a tan, and spend time outdoor with friends and family member are the best things to do during summer. The term “summer bods” or summer body is especially popular among youths who are excited to show toned body frame minimum clothing. The same term may be horrifying for some, who are not confident enough to show their body line.

Regardless your choice of clothing, summer is a perfect season to take out your favorite shorts from your wardrobe. Simple and keep your thighs and calf sweat-free, shorts are loved by many especially when it’s summer. You don’t have to over-think; simply mix and match colored shorts with white T-shirt or tops to stay stylish and comfortable in the same time. Plus, you can always wear either flat shoes, heeled shoes, or your sneakers when sporting shorts.

For those who are working, shorts may also be one of your office attire. However, make sure your shorts are on appropriate length, covering your derriere and upper thigh. To add more “professional” feel to your outfit, don blazers or cardigans on top of your shirt, but make sure the material isn’t too thick or stifling. If your shorts happen to be shorter or you feel they are unfitting for working environment, play it safe by wearing it on different occasion, a date maybe?



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