Creative Ways To Tie Your Shoe Laces

ways to lace up your shoes

Whilst mathematics shows us that there are over than 2 Trillion styles of feeding a lace through the six pairs of eyelets on a normal shoe, we present some selections of 10 shoe lacings:

This very well-known method creates a decorative lattice in the middle of the lacing. The laces are crossed at a steep angle, allowing them to be woven through each other.

Hidden Knot
By hiding the knot inside, the effect is an continuous succession of straight “bars” that is especially specific on dress shoes or sneakers alike.

This characteristic lacing is worn on military boots by paratroopers and ceremonial guard units. The laces weave horizontally and vertically, realizing a safe “ladder”.

Display Shoe
Shoe magazines and photographers frequently use this inside-out version of Criss Cross Lacing on their display shoes in order to complete with the ends accurately hidden inside the shoe.

Loop Back
Each side loops back on itself down the middle, rather like when two springs become intertwined. However, those loop-backs tend to shift off-centre.

This is perfect on large sneakers and needs two series of laces with various nuances. This type of lacing offers you the possibility to easily slip into your shoes because the laces don’t make a knot. It fundamentally adds nothing extra than aesthetic sense to your shoes and isn’t indicated on running shoes and boots.

Double Back
This practice is great plus holds very firmly, but is horribly awkward to strain. The lacing first runs down the shoe, then doubles back up the shoe. There’s two possibilities: One with hidden verticals at the bottom, the other with a visible crossover.

This form “locks” the laces at each eyelet pair. Ideal for lacing skates good because the lower sections hold while tightening. It also looks nice, a bit like a huge zipper.

This method has all of the underlying sections pulling at a steep angle, which shifts the alignment of the parts and may righten an otherwise ill-fitting shoe.

Riding Bow
Referred to as “Bal-Lacing”, this procedure is for riding boots (motorbike or equestrian) whose sides are joined at the top and loosen near the ankle. The laces zig-zag from both ends and are tied in the middle.

All the important details for creating these shoe lacings and many others are presented step by step by Ian Fieggen, the owner of Ian’s Shoelace Site, in his tutorials. Have fun and keep being AllDayChic!

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