Interesting Nail Art Tutorial – Foiled Nails

When it comes to nails, us women, love diversity, we could change our manicure everyday if it would be possible and we would have time. It’s just great to see and enjoy something new on the nails all the time. For this, we have an interesting nail art tutorial for you that you will love for the end results, the process of making this might not be the easiest but definitely it is worth it for how beautiful your nails will look. Definitely this will make you feel out of ordinary and cool.

Foiled Nails

What you will need:
– base coat and top coat;
– nail polish (navy blue );
– nail foil adhesive (false eyelashes adhesive works too);
– transfer foil;
– cotton swab.

1. Apply a base coat on your nails then the navy blue nail polish on each one and let it dry.
2. Over the nail polish apply a layer of nail foil adhesive and allow it to dry for about one minute until you see that the glue turned clear.
3. Have small pieces of foil to fit your nails and apply them over the glue.
4. With the cotton swab, gently press the transfer foil to the adhesive and always start from the middle, you want a flat looking manicure, without any imperfections.
5. After the foil has been stuck to the adhesive, peel off the remaining parts of it and you can apply a top coat over them. Voila, besides good looking these nails are also long lasting.

Interesting Nail Art Tutorial - Foiled Nails

Photo courtesy: 1. pshiiit; 2.cosmopolitan.

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