Interesting Nail Art Tutorial – DIY

If you are tired of monocolored nails, flower nails and the patterns you already know, we have an interesting nail art tutorial for you. It is an uncommon design, yet easy to make without needing to many skills. Some of the most beautiful manicures are the ones that you spontaneously do and this tutorial can be considered as one, as it looks like you just spontaneously made something new and creative. You either make this on all of your nails or you either do the pattern on one nail on each hand, doesn’t matter, it will still look cute and beautiful.

Interesting Nail Art Tutorial - DIY

What you will need:
– a light colored polish for the base, preferably a pearly white;
– a light pink nail polish that is also pearly;
– white or light beige nail polish;
– thin nail art pencil.

1. Apply the light pearly polish as the base on all of your nails and let it dry very well;
2. Take the pink polish and make three dots on the upper right corner of the nail and three pink dots on the lower left corner. Remember to work on each nail one at a time, you don’t want the dots to dry until you apply them on all nails.
3. Take the white or light beige nail polish and make 6 smaller dots almost in the same places, then with a very thin nail art pencil draw a line starting from the middle of the pink dot and you have to reach the model like you can see in the pictures.
4. Let the polish dry very well and that was all! Easy, no? You can change the colors in the tutorial, just keep the method the same and each time you will enjoy different looking nails!

Photo courtesy: gigacircle.

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