Innovative Vest Doubles as Shopping Bag


MJust when we thought mankind can’t come up with new inventions anymore, we are proven wrong once again. Who could imagine that by now, we would have a wearable bag as a part of our closet? And the surprise doesn’t stop there! The invention is actually old; being created in 2010!

The wear me bag by Rotem Lewinsohn from Israel was featured on a popular art, design, architecture and technology website, Designboom. The website is often used as a publishing method for uprising designers and architects to share their creative works.

The creative tote bag can be easily transformed to a vest. This would definitely come in handy when you just don’t want to carry a shopping bag around when doing groceries. After all, most shopping bags are quite large in size and they’re less fashionable compared to regular bags.

When asked to share a word or two about the product, Lewinsohn explained, “My overall inspiration came from grocery shopping…I created a piece of clothing that can be transformed into a bag. Both functions work independently of each other and relate to the wearer’s body on a conceptual and functional level.”

Needless to say, the bag quickly garnered attention due to its easy usage and practicality. Lewinsohn, after all, just challenged the notion, “can you wear your bag?” The bag is as durable as any other shopping bags. Easily take it off, zip up the parts, and you’re ready to shop. Stay chic and dashing while doing your grocery shopping! At the same time, you’re cutting down plastic bag usage and contribute to saving the earth! Enjoy!


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