Innovative Bed Extension For Your Lovely Baby


Many parents want to co-sleep in a bid to ease their child’s cries and gain some much needed sleep! Classic co-sleeping has some risks however, having a newborn baby in parents bed can mean that baby is at danger of being rolled on, superheating underneath a duvet or becoming smothered beneath bed clothes. Now, these problems are solved with this amazing bed extension for babies.

Cleverly designed by Babybay, the bedside cot attaches securely to the bed with adaptable clamps so there is no risk of your baby falling between the BabyBay and the bed or the BabyBay moving away from the bed in the middle of the night.

The base of the cot is fully adjustable and can be perfectly matched to the exact height of the parent’s bed, ensuring the mattress of the parent’s bed and the mattress of the BabyBay are flush.

The mattress is a very important component of the crib. It should be absolutely comfortable offering your little one a smooth sleep. You can find great reviews of the best crib mattresses on InsideBedroom. Enjoy!


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