Ingrown Hair Removal Scrub

folliculitus Ingrown Hair Removal Scrub

This is a problem that every person will meet a few times in her life, since she will be permanently careful with removing the unwanted hair for a perfect smooth and silky skin. For an efficient removal of the ingrown hair we have searched and found the following method:
You will need:
– 5 drops of Thyme essence oil,
– 5 drops of Lavender essence oil,
– 10 Tree Tea oil;
– vaseline or body lotion.


Take the body lotion and mix in it all the oil drops, then mix everything well until the composition is well combined. The use of this creme on an everyday basis, you will prevent and get rid of existing ingrown hair. Make sure you give the method a try for it is moisturizing and it smells good.

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  1. I use coconut oil and tea tree oil on my legs and bikini area all the time and there hasn’t been a reduction in ingrown hairs, but the hair is a little softer I guess

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