Idea to Make Curly Hairstyle

DIY-Curls (1)

A long curly hairstyle can be described as soft and elegant, giving you a romantic allure. In this tutorial you will find an ingenious way to make perfect curls.

You will need:
– a few tin foil strips;
– a flat iron.


Directions: Separate the hair in many rows, then start wrapping strands around the finger. Drop each wrapped strand into the tin foil and fold. Continue the procedure for the rest of your hair and press each packet with a flat iron, for approximately 6 seconds. Let cool, then unwrap the packets, one by one. If you want looser curls, wrap hair strands around 2 or even 3 fingers. Enjoy!

Photo courtesy: zszywka.

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  1. Wow! This is the first time I saw a post on how to curl a hair with the use a foil and flat iron. This is such a great tip and tutorial on how to do this, I am definitely going to do this on my hair.

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