Idea to Fix a Smudged Nail

Idea to Fix a Smudged Nail

Remember the day when you were in a hurry and you had to deal with a smudged nail? Nothing worse than that, you had no time to redo your nails and you had to leave quickly. Even if not in a rush, it could have happened to accidentally ruin your beautiful manicure. We have some quick and easy tricks on how to fix a smudged nail so you don’t have to remove the nail polish, apply it again and lose more time.

All you have to do, when this happens, is to lick your finger and the area that has been ruined, with gentle moves smooth it then apply again the same color of nail polish you used before. If it happens that you have just run out from a salon, smudge your nail on your way back home, and you don’t have that specific nail polish for use, you just have to take a small paint brush, put it into acetone or nail polish remover and slightly remodel the nail and you are done!

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