How To Use Brow Stencils

For all those who don’t know how to shape their eyebrows and even the eyebrows tutorials doesn’t help, we have the brow stencils which come in different shapes and sizes perfect for you to try out depending on your face shape and facial characteristics. They make the job to become easy and less stressful and the more often you use them the better you become at it and shaping your eyebrows will be done in no time. They also help your eyebrows to look equal because when we shape them naturally we might not be as precise as a stencil so give it a try.

What you will need:

– brow stencils kit;
– eyebrows brush;
– eyeshadow that matches your brow color to fill them.


1. Prepare your eyebrows by brushing them.

2. Take the suitable stencils for you and apply them over the brow, be careful to position correctly.

3. Take the pencil and eyeshadow and start filling in the brows as the model shows.

4. Do this for both brows then make small adjustments if needed to make both look equal.

5. Your eyebrows are ready!


Photo courtesy: thewonderforest.

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