How to Untangle Doll Hair

How to Untangle Doll Hair

Are you a parent of a girl? Have you tried to find solutions to untangle your daughter’s doll hair? Instead of throwing away doll toys because of this reason, you can easily fix the problem with the help of this easy trick. This is an easy way to smooth and renew any doll’s hair by just spraying the composition to it and start brushing. Fabric softener works better than hair conditioner because the doll’s hair is synthetic and the conditioner is made for human hair.

What you will need:
– small spray bottle;
– 2 tbsp fabric softener;
– water.

Directions: Put the fabric softener in the small bottle and put water over it until the bottle is full. Be careful not to dilute the solution to much. The fabric softener will soften the synthetic hair and will make it easier to brush. Brush and you are done.

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  1. Is this the original picture? I’ve seen it everywhere with many different descriptions, such as using hair conditioner.

  2. Hi I’m a 10 year old girl douse this hair trick really work son I can do it on my doll and douse it work with humans like women and children please respond so I can know

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