How to Unshrink Your Clothes


If you got to wear your brand new pants just once because after washing they get shrunk, this trick will help you to get them back to their initial length. You might think how is this possible? There is no magic reversal process, just a few easy steps you have to follow for you to get your pants back, or why not, other clothing items, it also works for that.

You will need:
– your pants;
– baby shampoo or conditioner;
– two large towels.

Directions: Go to the bathroom and fill your sink with water. It should be lukewarm and add some shampoo or conditioner to it (one cap). Put your pants inside the water and let them soak very well. After this, without rinsing, remove the garment from the shampoo and gently squeeze. Lay your pants in a large towel and roll it up with them inside like you can see in the pictures. Your clothing item should be damp, not very wet, for the next step. Take another towel that is dry and move your pants on it. Start stretching gently on one side until you feel you reach the desired length. Do the same for the other leg and let them dry. You will be amazed how great this works, no more of giving away new clothing items!

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