How to Turn a T-shirt into a Dress – DIY

Shirt-Turned-Into-a-Dress (3)

Here is an amazing dress t-shirt idea inspired by CancanDancer. You can transform your big-size t-shirt into a lovely dress, following a few steps.

You will need:
– t-shirt;
– scissors;
– needle and thread;
– elastic;
– sewing machine.

Directions: Remove the sleeves and the collar. Cut and open the sleeves to use them for the upper side of the dress. So, adjust the open sleeves by removing the excess of fabric. In this way it will fit the rest of the material. Attach the upper part to the skirt and insert or sew an elastic band on the inner part of the line that unites the two items. If you don’t like to work with elastic, you could also belt the dress there while wearing it instead. Enjoy!

Shirt-Turned-Into-a-Dress (2) Photo courtesy: CancanDancer.

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