How To Turn a Scarf Into a Vest

If you have an oversized scarf which you are tired to wear as a scarf you can do interesting things with it and add a new item to your closet by making an interesting vest. The vest can be worn no matter the season, but it looks awesome with a t-shirt or undershirt. You don’t need anything else than your scarf to make it, so this is a one item diy tutorial. Once you figure out how to make it you will want to share the idea with all your friends and teach them how to be so cool like you. Once you get bored with the vest too, just go back and use it as a scarf again. So, the vest can be “undone”, too!


How to turn a scarf into a vest: Take your desired scarf and fold it in half. Take one end from one side and tie it to the middle of the scarf. Take the other end from the other side (the same side) and tie it to the previous knot. You can see in the pictures how it should look. Your hands have to go into the holes. Vest ready!

Another awesome thing about this tutorial is that in summer you might want to wear a scarf as a bolero, then you can transform it into a vest, there are so many possibilities you can make out of a scarf without needing to carry it around when your hands are full!

Photo courtesy: brit.

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