How to Stretch Your Sweater On a Hanger

Every woman knows what a tremendous job it is to iron every piece of clothing after you wash it, and before putting it in the closet. But there are some pieces that can skip this ironing step, because if you are careful enough on the depositing system, you can manage stretching them just enough to look impecable when wearing them. How is that possible? Well take a look at this hanging system.

Directions: First of all, fold the sweater in two vertically, front side out. Now, place the hanger on top of the folded sweater, the hangers hook should be right at the “armpit” area of your sweater. Now take the bottom hem and fold it in half over the hanger, next take the two sleeves and fold them over the hanger also. Now your sweater can be hanged in your closet.

How to Stretch Your Sweater On a Hanger Photo courtesy: vk.

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