How to Quickly Cover Up Bad Acne

How to Quickly Cover Up Bad Acne

Are you struggling with bad acne or some temporary pimples? Either way, it’s very frustrating to go out without covering them and most of times putting just foundation on doesn’t help. Follow our simple steps to cover any imperfection you have as quick as you say hello.


1. Don’t moisturize the area affected because the coverage will work better.

2. Take some green concealer and apply it on every red spot you have. Because green is the opposite color of red it will neutralize it.

3. With regular concealer dab the spots you previously covered.

4. Start blending the area smoothly taking care of any harsh lines.

5. Gently apply foundation over the affected spots and be careful not to remove the concealer.

6. To set and even coloration apply powder in the end and you are ready.

This is a great way to cover any problems especially in emergency cases, but don’t forget to do a proper cleaning when arriving home as the pimples and skin needs to breathe in order to heal.

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