How to Protect Clothes from Sweat Stains

How to Protect Clothes from Sweat Stains

Dealing with sweat stains when going out is not very glamorous. Sometimes our deodorant fails and just doesn’t do the job or by nature we might sweat more. If you have noticed when you go trough stressful times that you sweat more and when you get used to a specific brand of deodorant product after a while it’s losing from it’s effectiveness you will love this trick. But what can you really do in cases like this? Use the trick we will present you. It’s simple, easy to do and works on tops that are not see through. You will need some dress shields as the ones in the imagine or you can improvise some from panty liners.

Method: Before getting ready, use deodorant and then take a panty liner and cut it in half. You can adjust the length of it according to the length of your sleeves. Take the piece of the panty liner and stick it to the fabric, on the inside, exactly to the area that would be exposed to sweat. Adjust it before leaving the house and be sure that it will absorb everything!

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