How to Properly Shave Your Legs

how to shave legs

Hair removal using a razor is the fastest, easiest and most convenient way to get rid of unwanted hair growth, and yet … we don’t always use it as it should be! Since Summer is about to open – one more reason to have a smooth and radiant skin – here are the 10 things you need to know for the hair removal using a blade to be successful.

1. Never dry!
As exfoliation is more effective if you soften the dry skin, shaving becomes much easier if the hair is soft. Don’t make the mistake of using blade on dry skin – you risk cutting, feeling irritable and a hard to ignore discomfort for a few days. Therefore it is better to leave the shaving towards the end of your shower, hair growth needing ten minutes to soften!

2. Exfoliating the package!
It is said that shaving is one of the quickest forms to exfoliate your skin and is recommended tactics including for those that are using other methods (wax, depilatory cream) to remove dead cells that prevent hairs coming to surface (ingrown hairs to be specific!). However, we must not give up on classic exfoliation bath products (scrub, loofah); layer of dead cells can overload razor, reducing its efficiency.

3. Make water cooler!
If the water from the shower/bath is not too hot or you sit in the tub for too long (until the skin wrinkles), you should avoid using the blade, especially in areas where the skin and soft tissue tends to swell slightly, to soften and to dare. If it’s a must do, take care especially on the armpit and stretch the skin when you pass over with the blade so that the razor will glide easily.

4. Provide the sliding of the device.
Many women consider that the soap is doing great in combination with the blade, but it may have an astringent effect on the skin, making it difficult for waxing and drying the skin – and dry skin is a breeding ground for wires with subcutaneous. If you have handy shaving foam or gel (it would be ideal to use a product for women but those for men are also fine), you can use the hair conditioner or body oil.

5. Just for Girls.
If in what is concerning the foam/shaving gel you can go using your lovers, this is not recommended for the razor. Choose a device dedicated for women, because they are designed for body pilosity, differently structured of the male beard.

6. Direction matters!
On your legs, hair seems a subject of gravity, growing downward. For effective hair removal, use the razor against the grain. In the axillary dough, you must act in two times: use the device upside to cut the wires, then reverse to eradicate them from the root.

7. Close pores.
After shaving, rinse your skin thoroughly of foam with warm water, and then with cold water to close the pores, then apply a rich hydrating cream to prevent dry skin. If you intend to use a bronzer on your legs, it’s time for it since the razor is the guarantor of a perfect tan! Maybe you did not know, but waxing leaves your pores open and self-tanning lotion applied immediately can invade them, leaving your skin “freckled”.

8. Forget the myths.
It is said that shaving stimulates multiplication of hair, thickening or faster growth, but reality is different! It makes sense that the hair appears thicker after the cut, and thickening is not related to cutting on the surface; generating new wires can be “controlled” only inside! As the accelerated pace of growth, development of an inch per month is absolutely normal.

9. Protect yourself from the sun.
Sunscreen is mandatory at all times, not just when you go to the beach! You must remember that after shaving legs, the skin becomes more sensitive and you have to dodge the sun. Ideally, you should wait about 24 hours before freshly shaved skin to be exposed to the sun and use a cream with SPF 50+.

10. Change the device often.
Do not try to clean the blades with the brush if you notice that they are overloaded with waste. Even if they still cut well, this is the first sign that the device should be renewed; accumulation of dead cells, shaving products and hair between the blades is a source of infection for open pores or for any injuries they can be caused by inadvertent blade.

How often do you shave your legs?

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