How To Prevent Skin From Drying

Dry skin is one of those almost inevitable things that happen when it is winter or cold for longer periods of time. The weather, strong winds, certain beauty products you use, all have an impact on skin causing it to dry and lose its natural oils. Once your skin is dry and irritated it is quite hard to heal it and as with most problems, it is easier to prevent them then to deal with the consequences. Because, most people are in the middle of cold winters, we will tell you a few things that will help you prevent your skin from getting dry.

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How to prevent skin from drying:

1. Wash with warm water, say NO to hot water – hot showers or baths strip away bodys natural barriers and oils and this way they are exposing it to much more dryness. Wash with warm and even cool water then just gently pat dry and moisturize the body. If you like hot baths keep them under 10 minutes.

2. Gently cleanse – avoid soaps as much as possible and use products that are especially designed to clean and moisturize. Soaps, generally, just dry the skin more because of the detergents in them. Fragrance free ones are even better and also alcohol free products should be purchased. When you exfoliate skin, don’t scrub it too much, and don’t exfoliate too often.

3. Shave smartly – as you know shaving can irritate the skin a lot, especially if you shave often, it can also make it more and more dry as days go by. The best time to shave is after a shower, as the hair had time to become softer and more pliable.

4. Think how often you shower – the more showers you have a day, the more dry the skin becomes. Sometimes it is inevitable to wash many times a day because of high temperatures and other factors, like going to the gym. If you do a lot of showers at least make sure you use rich moisturizing shower gels.

5. Drink water – because a lot of changes start from within, water always changes how your skin feels. Also exercise and eat well and all these combined together will give you gorgeous skin.

6. Pick the right moisturizer – there are some products which have certain ingredients that help skin be more soft and avoid dryness; these are: shea butter, ceramides, glycerin. They help replenish skin barriers.

7. Use a humidifier in winter – because heating removes moisture in the air which can cause dry skin, consider humidifying it and then keeping it constantly around 50%.

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