How To Prevent Makeup From Running

There are several conditions that can favorize a makeup to smudge, to start running and to get destroyed, from extreme humidity to cold and even emotional matters, like crying at your favorite romantic movie scene. Are there ways to prevent that and don’t look like a panda without even noticing that? Of course there are, many of them and they are actually simple to think about and to implement. Prevention is better than being in the awkward situation and trying to fix it so lets see what you can do.

How To Prevent Makeup From Running (3)
How to prevent makeup from running:

1. Don’t use too much moisturizer
Even if you have dry skin and you need a lot of moisturizer, too much in the eye area can make foundation be sticky and when you apply mascara or eyeshadow they can start being creamy too. Everything you put on a too creamy face will look awkward, even the eyeshadow will be ruined and will move from the eyelid.
2. Use waterproof products
With waterproof products you can be sure that the transfer between the skin and other things it happens harder. A waterproof eyeliner won’t smudge at a small tear and a mascara will keep your eyes fresh all day. It is true that it is harder to remove them from face but with some specialized products it is easy and worth the effort, you will have the mental comfort you look good all day.
3. Use more powder
It is great to always finish any makeup with some powder, it helps the foundations and everything to settle in the face and will make them resist for a longer period of time. Powders suck in the natural oils of the skin and will make your face look cleaner and healthier, but beware, you don’t want to overuse it to look too cakey.


If it still happens that your makeup starts running and smudging use q-tips and dry paper towels to fix any problems that arise.

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