How to Pack a Hat without Squishing It

When looking forward to that beach getaway you probably would not part without a hat even if you had to get a new one. Everyone needs a hat, for some it is a simple way to keep their hair in place as they walk around without any hustle, while for others it can part of a fashion statement, a last add-on to the whole look. However, hats can be hard to fit in any regular handbags or even suitcases. You have to worry about a lot when it comes to packing one, from the bag to use and what not to put on top of it or to put on top without getting it squished into unfathomable shape.

Although you can always rely on the fact that just maybe your head might help shape it back into its rightful form, it will still hurt to think that it will be squeezed together with your other belongings. Even so there is so little that your head can’t do especially with the hat arches and ends. They will just be ruined and remain slouched. But the simple fact is that you can never go wrong with these simple packing tips for your hat especially when making long journeys.

The first way to making sure your hat does not get squeezed with your other belongings is to sort out exactly what you want to pack. You can then fold all your heavy items at the bottom of your suitcase. This should include shoes, bags, and heavy clothes. You should also try to stack everything evenly to create a flat surface. After doing so you can then take a heavy or thick piece of cloth like a chambray shirt or a sweater or even a heavy towel might work and fold it or roll it tightly.

Place the piece of clothing inside the crown of your hat so as to fill the hole completely leaving no room. However, if there is room you can always use some socks or other heavy fabrics to make sure the hat’s crown is totally stuffed with fabric. Then place your hat on top of the heavy clothing you already packed at the bottom of the suitcase.

The stuffed crown should be facing downwards. You can then start placing around it your lighter items as silk cloths, lighter tops. You can continue with the light layering of items around the hat making sure it is surrounded tightly so that it won’t move around when you travel or when the suitcase is tossed around during your trip. However, it is advisable not to overstuff your suitcase too otherwise your hat could end up squished either way.

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