How to Match Nail Polish Color to Skin Tone


Choosing the right nail polish color can become quite tricky. Not all colors match our personality and most of times our skin tone. One important fact in choosing the most suited shade is to do it taking in consideration your skin color. What do you have to know here? You will find out in our list that will give you ideas in selecting the perfect nail polish color.

Skin Tones:
1. Pale complexion
If you have pale skin, you need colors that enrich it and make it look more alive. But, if you really want to compliment your skin go for pastels with pink or blue undertones. Avoid vampire looks with dark shades that create unwanted contrast.
2. Fair skin tone
For fair skinned girls a large variety of colors is available, their skin tone accept lots of shades. However, you should avoid green and orange if you want to look sophisticated.
3. Tanned skin tone
If you have tanned skin, bright colors are a yes for you because they enrich your lovely tan. Avoid neutral colors similar to the shade of your skin.
4. Medium/olive skin tone
This tone goes great with peach and gold colors as it has a warm and yellow undertone.
5. Dark skin tone
If you have dark skin avoid dark brown and white and use other deep shades that enrich your appearance, like dark red, mocha, dark green.


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  1. Hi! Can you please tell me the shades of the warm toned reds? The Essie, L’Oreal and Deborah Lippmann. I would be forever grateful.

  2. I am sorry, but what consultation or research led you to believe that those colors actually worked with darker skin tones? Def not biased when talked about fair skin tho. #pathetic

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