How to Make T-Shirt Bow Sleeves without Sewing – DIY

No sew t-shirt bows

Bored of your old t-shirts? Here is an idea of how you can re-design an old t-shirt, and give it a fresh new look: No-sew T-shirt Bow Sleeves.

You will need:
– a t-shirt;
– a pair of scissors;
– washable glue;
– measuring tape.

Directions: Cut about 2.5 inches slit from the top of the sleeves down towards the armpit, making sore you do that outside the seam (if this seam turns out rolling, hanging outside and being visible, cut it out on the area of the shoulder.). Carefully cut out a strip from the bottom of your t-shirt, out of which you will make the strap for your bow. Now here is how you do that: you fold in half, unfold it and cut out 2.5 inches strips. Pinch the center of the sleeves and wrap with one strip, fixating it with a dab of fabric glue, and let the glue dry before trying on your refreshed t-shirt.

No sew t-shirt bows

Photo courtesy: creatinglaura.

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  1. This is one of the cutest t-shirt DIY’s that I’ve found! I’m going to try it out on one of my shirts that I really like but haven’t worn for a while.
    I have a question though, did you hem the bottom of your shirt where you cut off the strip, or did you just leave it?
    Thanks for the cute DIY!

    1. You will have to cut the bottom hem for the tabs just below the stitches. Let the stitches intact because, this way, the bottom of the t-shirt will not roll up. Moreover, the stitches will help you cut in the straightest line possible.

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