How To Make Snowflake Ballerinas – DIY

How To Make Snowflake Ballerinas - DIY

If you want to decorate your house in a special way for this year, we suggest you to make these cute snowflake ballerinas! You can hang them on a garland, you can attach them to your curtains, you can put them wherever you want! At first sight, they seem complicated to make, but they are not, we will give you the template for them. It is important to keep the ballerina the same and you can play with the skirt of it, you can make different patterns depending on what you like. Use simple papers or colored ones and make your ballerinas feel real!

What you will need:
– colored paper or plain white paper (A4 size);
– scissors;
– garland (to hang the ballerinas).

1. To make the ballerina we will attach a template that you can download and print out. See it HERE. Cut out the shape and put the ballerina to the side, you will need her a little later.
2. To make the skirt you will do the following: take an A4 sized paper and fold it into two diagonally, then once again, and again (3 times), make the side round and cut out random triangles from the shape.
3. Open the snowflake, make a hole in the middle of it and add the ballerina to it, this will be her skirt.
4. Put the ballerina on the garland, do as many as you would like and enjoy your beautiful decorations!

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