How To Make Smooth and Silky Legs – DIY

Are you living somewhere hot and most of the time you are wearing shorts? Those legs need to look good all the time. Even if you are living somewhere cold and you don’t show off them off everywhere you still need to know how to make them silky and smooth especially if you have a boyfriend or husband, he will love it. We all know that the quickest and fastest way to remove hair from leg is by shaving. All kinds of creams and lotions are available out there on the market but it seems that with all of them you get a sort of a problem, irritation or skin bumps. These happen usually from the chemicals in the products. We have for you a natural way on how you can remove hair and make legs smooth in the same time and it is very safe.

How To Make Smooth and Silky Legs - DIY

What you will need:
– half cup of coconut oil;
– the juice of one lemon;
– 1 and 1/4 cup of sugar.

Direction: Mix all ingredients in a recipient then go and get a shower. The mixture has to be applied on wet legs so apply on the area where you want to shave, let it sit a little bit then start shaving. Rinse and see if you have more hair that needs to be shaved. Repeat the process one more time to be sure you get the desired results. Enjoy your beautiful and happy legs! The results are long term too!

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