How to Make Smokey Eyes with Just a Liner

How to Make Smokey Eyes with Just a Liner

Without using any kind of eyeshadow, only one pencil eyeliner, you can make beautiful and charming smokey eyes. This look is awesome to make when you are in a hurry, it is time saving and looks gorgeous too. So get ready to find out how you can do the night our emergency trick.

You will need:
– chunky pencil eye liner;
– small dome-headed blending brush;
– mascara.

1. Take the chunky liner and apply some of it on your hand, make sure you have plenty of liner transferred there.
2. Transfer the product from the hand to the blending brush.
3. Start applying the product to your eyelids from the inner corner of your eyes and decide about the shape of the smokey eye. You don’t want to go upper than under the bones of the eyes.
4. Fill in the eyelid with the product.
5. Apply mascara.
6. For a more dramatic look you can also go back and trace the lash line with the same liner or a different colored one.

How to Make Smokey Eyes with Just a Liner

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