How to Make Rose Nails – DIY

When we think of a romantic manicure, one of the details that come into our mind are flowers. Flowers are romantic and having them on our nails really gives us a very girly and romantic touch. It is hard to make roses on our nails only with nail art polish, well at least for us who are not professional. But there are ways that allow us to still put the roses to our nails and one of those is using nail decals. You will find out how to use and apply them.

What you will need:

– small glass of water;
– tweezers;
– nail decals;
– any color of nail polish;
– top coat;


1. Apply the nail polish to your nails, and the color of it depends on the decals you will use. Let the polish dry very well.

2. Put the decal into water, let it soak in then take it and put it on your nail with the help of the tweezers.

3. Repeat the process to every nail and then, in the end, apply a top coat to secure the decals.

How to Make Rose Nails - DIY

Photo courtesy: thenailasaurus.

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