How To Make Pink Ombre Lips

We have previously showed you a few articles with ways of making ombre lips. They were highly enjoyed by all our audience and requests for more ways to make ombre lips were coming through our e-mails. For that reason, we decided to show you yet another way you can make ombre lips and this time pink ombre lips. All women love to wear pink, it goes great almost with all makeups you can imagine in warm tones. It is a color you can wear no matter the season and that is why you will love it. Fast to do, easier than it seems, after you have made it and starts to fade just retouch it the same way you have applied it without any problems. Try out this different way to make ombre lips!

How To Make Pink Ombre Lips

What you will need:
– red lipstick;
– orange lipstick;
– cream lipstick.
– concealer or foundation.

1. Prepare your lips for the ombre effect, you can exfoliate them before if they are not ready. It is important that no dead skin is on your lips, as the lipstick will last much longer.
2. Apply the orange lipstick all over your lips and make sure you don’t go over on your skin with the lipstick..
3. Apply the cream color or something similar, exactly on the middle of both, upper and lower lips. Make 2 lines, then expand them a little bit as you can see in the pictures.
4. Take the red lipstick and apply it on the corners of your lips, by making sure it looks like it is in gradient. In this ombre lips tutorial the dark color will start from the corners and the light color will be in the middle of the lips.
5. Apply concealer or foundation around your lips to make the edges look more perfect and you are done.

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