How To Make Perfect Black Lips – DIY

Black lips are for sure something that not everyone dares to wear. Usually rock stars or gothic style lovers wear them, but you can also see black lips on someone who wears a special costume and now is the perfect time to show you how to make black lips as holidays are approaching and themed parties too. Black lips can also go for a Gatsby inspired look, so why not know how to make them? Our tutorial will teach you how to make black lips and also how to make them last longer. Before doing any of this, we recommend doing a lip exfoliation that will prepare them for the perfect black lips.

How To Make Perfect Black Lips - DIY

What you will need:
– black lipstick;
– black lip pencil or black eyeliner;
– black eyeshadow;
– some brushes.

1. First thing you have to do is to outline your lips with the black pencil, be careful, every mistake here can cost you some dark spots around your lips and you don’t want that.
2. Fill in your lips with the same pencil and then blend with a brush.
3. Apply black lipstick over then using some black eyeshadow dab the lips with it, this will make it set, if you want to go for black shiny lips, use an eyeshadow with a lot of glitter.
4. To finish them you can apply some some gloss over and they are ready!

Photo courtesy: eyegraffiti.

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