How to Make Packing Easier

Make packing easier (6)

When you are leaving for a vacation, or just a city break weekend, your relaxation time begins with the stressful hours of packing. Nothing that is important to you will fit the suitcase? You just realized you have too many liquids and you have to travel by plain?
Well that won’t do for a smart person! Here are some suggestions that will make your life easier … at least the packing part will be more easy, better, and you will get more use out of your wardrobe.

1. The flat iron – use a pot holder as a cover for it, for safety and being able to pack it even if it is still hot.
2. Shoes – should be stored in protective shower caps, this way all your clothes will be clean.
3. Plan outfits for each day you will be gone using pieces that can be combined to make new ones.
4. Your rings/small earrings can be deposited in a medicine holder.
5. Never forget about the ziploc bag so that at the end of the day you can put in it your dirty laundry, and keep the rest of your clothes clean.
6. The razor – you can use a binder clip to secure it.
7. Make solid tooth paste from liquid one – Make sure you take care of this one at least a day before packing: make some tooth-paste dots on an aluminum foil and leave over the night to dry out. The next day take the tooth-paste dots off the foil and voila!

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Make packing easierMake packing easier (6)Make packing easier (4)Make packing easier (5)Make packing easier (7)Make packing easier (3)Make packing easier (2)Photo courtesy: diply.

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