How to Make Ombre Lips – Tutorial

Ombre has been and it still is a huge loved trend around the world. Women adore it, from ombre nails, ombre hair to ombre pants you can find tutorials for everything online. Some of the women pushed it further and created ombre lips and this is what we will show you today how to make. For the ombre effect to be more visible we recommend this to women with fuller lips. The perfect colors to try out are purple and red and you will find out here how you can make purple ombre lips.


What you will need:
– lips moisturizer;
– purple lip pencil;
– pink lipstick;
– lip pencil.

1. Apply a moisturizer to your lips, this will help the lipstick last longer.
2. Take the purple lip pencil and outline the shape of your lips as you can see in the pictures.
3. Apply pink lipstick on your lips but be careful not to apply it over the purple color.
4. With the help of the pencil blend the edges between the colors together and your ombre lips are ready.

Photo courtesy: @GlamByMeli.

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