How To Make Mermaid Hair – DIY Hairstyle

Fancy looking like a mermaid? Well, even if you don’t have the costume you can still be as charming as one by wearing beautiful mermaid waves. They are quite easy to make not to mention they are long lasting. This hairstyle is perfect for casual type of events, for day to day use and be aware of the fact that it is best done on wet hair, so probably the perfect moment for it is after a shower. See the direction, photos and video below to find the procedure.

What you will need:
wave clips;
– hair dryer;
– hair spray.

How To Make Mermaid Hair - DIY Hairstyle

1. After you have come out of the shower, don’t dry your hair just press it a little with a towel then divide your hair in 4 sections.
2. Apply the wave clips to your hair, don’t start from the roots, it will look strange, start from lower.
3. Spray the hair with some hairspray (not too much).
4. Take the hair dryer and dry your hair with hot air, then before finishing, put it on cold air for 1 minute.
5. Release the clips, run your fingers through your hair, add more hairspray if needed and your mermaid waves are ready!

Photo courtesy: treasuresandtravelsblog.

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  1. It looks like she’s got mousetraps on her head. You can get the beach hair/mermaid hair by twisting small sections of hair really tightly and bobby pinning each section above the twist. Then heat with a hair dryer. You don’t need hairspray, either.

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