How to Make Leopard Print Nails

Leopard prints will always be in trend no matter what, there is something cute and wild about them in the same time. Leopard print is a pattern adored by a lot of women, not only when it comes to clothing but also in makeup looks and nails. That is why you probably see every popular clothing and fashion company that uses this pattern. If you enjoy the print a lot, we will show you how to wear it on your nails through this tutorial. It is awesome to make it when you wear simple and classic clothes and the leopard nails are just spicing up the look. They definitely show a wild side of someone and if you think you might have it lets see how you can make them!

Leopard Print Nails

What you will need:
– nude polish;
– brown and black polish;
– dotting tool;
– top coat.

1. Paint all of your nails with a nude polish and let the polish dry very well.
2. By working on each nail at a time, take the brown polish and start making brown spots on them. After you have finished with them, wait a few minutes for the nails to dry.
3. Now take the dotting tool, insert it into the black polish and partially outline all the brown spots you have previously made.
4. In the open areas you can use the same dotting tool to add small black spots.
5. Let the polish dry, finish the manicure with a top coat and wait a few minutes for everything to dry very well before you show off your nails! Enjoy them!

Photo courtesy: blog.lulus.

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