Baking Hacks – How to Make Heart Shaped Cupcakes

Heart-shaped sweet treats like chocolates, candies, cookies, or cupcakes are a must when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Sometimes, when looking at a certain recipe you’d like to try, you might wonder how to make heart-shaped cupcakes or chocolates – especially if you don’t have a heart-shaped mold. If that’s what hold you back from baking heart-shaped delicacies, it’s time to put an end to it! Here, we have listed several ways you can make heart-shaped refreshments… without having to use an actual heart-shaped mold.

1. Marbles or balls made of aluminium foils

How to Make Heart Shaped Cupcakes Easily

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To make a heart-shaped cupcake you would first need a muffin tin, or just any round mold you can find. Then, place the marble or a rumpled ball of aluminium foil between the top liner of the mold and the pan. While marbles are definitely sturdier than aluminium foils, you can find aluminium foils easier – plus they pose zero risk. Putting marbles into a heated oven might not be as safe, especially since marbles are made using different materials and you can’t tell whether it’s safe to be baked together with your cupcakes

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2. Parchment paper

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Another way you can create a makeshift heart-shaped mold is using a piece of parchment paper. Cut each sheet to 4 inch wide, then fold and place them in the mold. To keep it steady, you can insert a marble of a rolled aluminium foil.

3. DIY mold

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If you want to create perfectly shaped cupcakes, you might have to put more effort. All you need to do is just to create a strip of aluminium foil (around 2 to 4 inches high. The length is adjustable – depends on how big you want the mold to be). After folding it together to create a heart shape, take another piece of aluminium foil and place it on the bottom as the base. You can also staple the ends to make sure the mold doesn’t lose shape.

4. Buy a mold

 Photo: Cupcakes for Life Moments

This would be the last resort – if any of the hacks above don’t work (which is very unlikely). Nevertheless, a heart-shaped mold would be your best shot in making heart shaped cupcakes.

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Photo: Instructables

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