How To Make Fun Frizz Hair

If you are tired of straight or curly hair and want something more fun, try out the frizz hair. It is that type of hairstyle that go perfect for a fun night out, a themed party or Halloween. Say goodbye to hair with no volume because this tutorial will show you how to get it with making your hair frizzy. Not very fast to do, possibly a little complicated looking in the beginning (but that is just an impression), your hair will last the entire night, so why not try out this fun looking hairstyle?

How To Make Fun Frizz Hair

What you will need:

– some bobby pins and hair clips;
– hair straightener;
– hairspray.


1. Wash and clean your hair then brush it properly.

2. Split your hair into sections, gather some on the top of your head and start preparing the frizz from the bottom section.

3. Widen your bobby pins, you want them to be more open.

4. Take one small hair strand and one bobby pin and start twisting the hair around the pin like you want to make some eights.

5. Make the eights until you reach the bottom and hold the end with one hand.

6. Add a lot of hairspray to the strand you just made and keep holding the pin.

7. Apply the hair straightener over it a few time then release the bobby pin from your hand.

8. Repeat the process until all of your hair is done this way.

9. Release the pins.

10. Brush your hair and your fun frizzes are ready!

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Photo courtesy: thebeautydepartment.

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  1. Oh no way! I spend all my time trying NOT to look like this. I have naturally frizzy hair. Ladies you don’t want to deal with frizzy hair, trust me.

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