How To Make Cute Butterflies Out Of Cupcake Liners – DIY

Finding beautiful decorations for the house it is not hard nowadays, there are many places where you can find all kinds of cute things you love. But what happens when you want to put your own footprint on them, or if you want to make someone a handmade gift? It is easy, get inspired by our diy projects and you can make something on your own that can be customized however you want like these beautiful butterflies made out of cupcake liners.

How To Make Cute Butterflies Out Of Cupcake Liners - DIY

What you will need:
– white cupcake liners or colored ones if you don’t want to bother painting;
– some clothespins;
– scissors;
– glitter in more colors;
– glue;
– a few pieces of twine;
– a few crystals (depending on how many butterflies you want to make);
– some paper paint and brush to apply it.

1. Every butterfly will need 4 cupcake liner, so the first thing you have to do is to fold each one into half then, again, in half and glue the pieces together as you can see in the pictures.
2. Take a clothespin and glue it to what you previously made then cut out a butterfly wing shape on both sides of the clothespin.
3. If you want your wings to be colored apply some paint on them and let it dry, if not, go directly to applying glue over the wings and over the clothespin and sprinkle some glitter over.
4. Stick the crystal to the clothespin and then bend a piece of twine into two and attach it to the crystal, this will be the butterfly’s antenna.
5. If you have more small crystals, glue them to the ends of the twine and your butterflies will look even cuter!

Source: bluepurpleandscarlett.

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