How To Make Bold Lipstick Last Longer

A lot of us adore bold lipsticks and for sure wear it when the occasion requires it. Some doesn’t need any occasion to do that and they just love to wear it daily. Most common worn bold lipsticks are in the color of red and strong pink. Red goes great no matter the time of the day and a lot of times you would love to make it last longer without needing to retouch too much and you just don’t know how to. It looks so bad when a bold lipstick starts to fade away that is why we found a way to stop that and actually make your bold lipstick last longer:


What you will need:
– your desired lipstick;
– lipstick applicator;
– some face powder;
– paper napkin.

1. Apply lipstick to your lips with the help of the applicator. Shape them beautifully, the same way as you would do it if you would be ready to go out.
2. Blot your lips with the paper napkin to soak any excess.
3. Dust your lips lightly with powder, this will make the lipstick last much longer as a strong layer has been created.
4. Reapply the color over to make it even stronger and shiny and your lips are ready!

Photo courtesy: gloss48.

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