How To Make An Adorable Paper Owl – DIY Tutorial

Do you like your house to be decorated with cute objects? Moreover do you like making your own decorations? If the answer is yes to both of the questions, you are in the right place! We have a super easy, cute and adorable tutorial for you on how to make owls from toilet paper rolls and cupcake liners! This is a lovely project to do with kids so don’t leave them out of the fun if you are a lucky mother!


What you will need:

– a few toilet paper rolls (the empty tubes);
– some paper cupcake liners (colored or white);
– black, orange and yellow marker;
– a few extra pieces of cardboard;
– scotch tape;
– scissors;
– glue.


1. Take one toilet paper tube and fold the ends of it on the inside then take a piece of scotch tape to make sure it stays this way.

2. With the scissors, cut a cupcake liner in half then stick the two pieces to the tube with the help of the glue (these will be the wings of the owl).

3. Take 2 more cupcake liners and cut these too in halfs (this will be used for the body).

4. Stick the liners on the other side of the tube by slightly overlapping them one over another.

5. Make 2 big circles on a cardboard piece then cut them out.

6. Draw some eyes on the circles with the help of the black marker then stick them to the toilet paper roll over the cupcake liners which is the body part.

7. Cut out a small triangle from some cardboard and paint it in orange (this will be the nose) then stick the piece between the eyes.

8. If you would like, use different colored cupcake liners to enhance the look of your owls then expose them where you would like! You can use a few tree branches in a vase and give your owls a real “home” by hanging them there. Isn’t this cute? Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

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  1. Love, Love, Love! I have made these several years now with my elementary school boys and their classes! Thanks for such a cute and creative craft idea!

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