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Christmas treat is, undoubtedly, an inseparable part of the Christmas tradition. Candy sleighs take Christmas treats to a whole new level, by combining several signature sweets at once. Plus, they look so adorable, people who receive them wouldn’t even notice that it’s just made of several candies put together! Candy sleighs are definitely one of the best Christmas gift ideas! Would you be interested in knowing how you can build your own candy sleigh? Then you’re in for a treat!

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According to EllynsPlace , all you need to build a candy sleigh are: candies, hot glue, and lots of Christmas ribbons. It’s pretty safe to say that candy sleighs are the ultimate budget-friendly Christmas gift that you can hand out basically to anyone! Let’s start making these sweet sleighs!

For the base, you can use either a KitKat 4 Finger Bar or any similar sized chocolate bar. Glue two candy canes under the chocolate bar – on the left and right side. Next, you can stack 10 mini Hersey bars on top of the chocolate bar. You stack them in a pyramid shape, first 4, then 3, then 2, then 1. Now you need to wait until all the glue is hard and secure. You don’t need to worry about the glue melting the chocolate because a regular size glue gun uses relatively low heat glue.

Your sleigh is almost done by now! To accessorize the treat package, glue ribbon around the candy bars or you can also glue a reindeer eraser, reindeer chocolate, or even a reindeer sticker to the front of the sleigh for a more realistic sleigh-look. Another thing you can do: Glue a Santa eraser, a Santa chocolate bar, or even a Santa sticker to the front of the chocolate stack. Voila! Now your candy sleigh is ready to take off!

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