How to Make a Top Knot in 10 Seconds

Women have such a busy life, that sometimes they barely have time to properly take care of themselves. Jobs, families, friends and all types of activities are requesting a lot of time and energy. This made women be in a hurry and try to adjust different areas of their lives to a hectic life. That means, the easier it is to do something the better is for them. Today we have a hairstyle tutorial for a cute look that doesn’t require a lot of time, neither effort from your part. It is easy and with impact.

How to Make a Top Knot in 10 Seconds

What you will need:
– two hair elastics;
– some hairspray;
– bobby pins.

Directions: After you have finger brushed your clean hair gather it like you are making a ponytail and roll it, better say twist it into a bun. Take the hair elastic and fix the knot on the top of your head. For any areas where you need you can use bobby pins. Add some hairspray and your quick top knot is ready to be shown!

Photo courtesy: freckled-fox.

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  1. Seriously you had to add such post ? Isn’t there any other things you’d like to show and are more complicated?

    I guess every child would do that without step by step directions. I am not being mean – i am being serious.

    It’s like a guide – how to pee… “sit and relax, let it flow.”

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