How to Make a Swimsuit Top From an Old Bra

How to Make a Swimsuit Top From an Old Bra

It would be a shame to throw away an old bra when you can reuse it and create a fashionable swimsuit top you can show off in at the beach or pool. Don’t spend money on new swimsuits without any reason, instead use the money for other things you need and want. This project it’s quick and easy and you can play with your creativity here. It doesn’t require a lot of time just some sewing skills.

You will need:
– old bra;
– lace;
– sewing kit;
– scissors.

1. Take your old bra and cut the straps down or detach them if they are detachable.
2. Twist the cups around in the middle a few times as you can see in the pictures.
3. Take the lace, measure a width of two fingers and cut a length that is enough to be sewed from one side of the bra to the middle of the other one.
4. Sew the lace on and sew the straps to the sides of the bra and you are ready to wear it!

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